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   When it comes to consumer products, Qulex® brand material has endless possibilities. Qulex® brand material can be incorporated 

   into scrub pads, wipes, cleaning brushes, mop heads, squeegees, and more. Qulex® brand material is so versatile it can be used

   to create a wide range of cleaning products for the home. Featured below are products that are currently selling as well as several

   prototype products that show the possible applications of Qulex® brand material.


  Scrub & Wipe Pads

  SuperScrub™ Scrub Pads by SuperProtection, Inc.

SuperScrub™ Cleaning Pad by SPI

SuperScrub™ Jumbo Size Cleaning Pad by SPI

SuperScrub™ Cleaning Cloth Wipe by SPI

   What do SPI's customers have to say about SuperScrub™ cleaning products?


   "This is the best scrubber I have used! Food does not collect in the fabric-a problem with all others I have tried.                The color is attractive. It is flexible and feels good in your hand. Dries quickly so there is no odor. Thank you!"

   -Hilda, North Carolina


   "Finally, an attractive 'dishwasherable' non-scratching cleaner for kitchen clean-up. Great for use in the bathroom too."

   -Polly, New York


   "Very easy to clean and reuse. It is the first scrubber I have used that didn't get stained. I gave it a workout after an    outdoor barbecue for eight."

   -Deborah, Nevada


   "I like how it dries almost instantly, so you don't have the wet sponge smell and mildew."

   -Michael, Colorado

Qulex® brand Scrub Pads & Wipes by HDM, Inc.

Cleaning Wipes by HDM

Scrub Pads by HDM

Corner Wipe by HDM


Here are several prototype products ideas for consumer and industrial uses.

Window Squeegee

Floor Mop

Wavy Scrub Pad

Kidney Bean-Shaped Scrub Pads

Camouflage Field Scrub Pads

Mop Heads

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